April 30, 2016


“She’s spoiled – but not as in spoiled rotten. She’s inquisitive but doesn’t get into anything bad – never breaks a rule. So she’s wisely inquisitive.

She sneezes for food if she’s begging. She’ll do it on command. She loves to hunt chicken, that’s why that quail over there is really quite enticing. She’ll sit and wait for a squirrel forever. That’s probably the biggest thing for her, she just likes to hunt. That’s her hobby. She loves to ride on the quad. She eats anything, like she could live on grass I’m sure.

She likes every dog and every dog likes her. She’s a schipperke, almost 6 years old. That’s how she got her name, schipperkes were with fishermen on boats. So she got her name from halibut. She’s really snuggly. A great dog.”
Halle aka Pumpkin, Halle Berry, Snuggle Bug

April 29, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“She’s 80lbs of just sweetness – the sweetest big dog. But she’s so scared of everyone. She’s much braver than she used to be, but if even we move suddenly she can be nervous. She’s just been wonderful to have because the littlest things are the biggest successes with her. For instance, when she suddenly after five years started accepting my parents and going up to them and wanting attention.

She LOVES my other dogs and she’s fascinated by Tiggy, my miniature horse. When we first brought Tiggy home I think she thought he was a baby, because she’s very maternal and loves raising the foster puppies – and kittens actually. She saw Tiggy and just had to go see him. She actually laid in the paddock near him and wanted to hang out with him. I’m sure it’s because she thought he was a baby.

She knows to ‘wag’ on command. So, if she’s sitting in the kitchen and we say, ‘wag, wag,’ she’ll actually wag her tail. It’s so cute. She’s done agility and she was always very, very nervous so everyone in the class loved her. She was so scared but during the six weeks she just progressed so much that everyone was cheering her on. She was never fast, she’d barely break out of a walk, but by the sixth class she could actually trot the course.”
Yoki aka Yoki Bear, Love Muffin

April 28, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“People come to visit and he wants to say hi to everyone. He’s such a little darling. We’ve only had him since October and he’s super fun.

When he first came to live with us he was so depressed because he’d just been by himself – had gained a lot of weight. So he’d forgotten how to be part of a herd, how to have horsey friends. We kept him separate and it took him a couple months to make friends with our big horses. Now he is just one of the herd, he fits in and he doesn’t even know he’s a little horse. He runs around with the big guys – plays with them. Scout is his best friend. They run around and play fight and chase each other.

Tiggy gives little kids pony rides, which they love and he loves. And he loves everyone. He has the best nature. He loves dogs, he loves our horses, babies…He’s the sweetest little thing.”
Tiggy aka Tiglet, Tigger

April 27, 2016


“She’s too friendly and she’s too smart. She can get through an opening this big – if she can get her nose through, she’s gone. She’s not bad with fences – she stays in. She’s a good cow. She eats almost everything – the cat food, the chicken food, whatever, she’ll eat it. I think she can survive. She’s definitely a survivor.

They don’t like to talk age for cows – they say like first calf, second calf. She’s pregnant with her second calf. At second calf, they’re four to five years old already. Bernadette had a beautiful calf last year but ended up with way too much milk. Her bag was like this wide. I had to buy another calf and still there was too much milk. So I bought another calf to help her out. She raised three calves. Am I worried about having to buy more calves when this one is born? Yes!! June the 19th, we’ll have a calf. If you’re anywhere in the neighbourhood around June the 19th you should come by.”

April 26, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Once when we lived at the other house, my neighbour phoned to say ‘I just walked by your house and your dog is hanging off your horse’s tail.’ And that’s what Shania used to do. She’d actually grab the horse’s tail with her mouth and the horse we used to have would actually run or spin around. So Shania would catch some air with all of her feet off the ground with the horse, Red, spinning. She did get kicked but she’s never had any serious injuries. Isn’t that so crazy? I think they were so surprised to have this 50lb dog hanging off their tail. She’ll still try to do it to these horses sometimes, she’ll just grab the tail, but they just stand there. She doesn’t do it to Lenny (the mule).

She’s what I’d call my ‘go-to dog’ because she’s just an easy dog. I can take her anywhere. She loves all people. She loves other dogs. I can take her to horse shows. I can take her downtown. She’s just happy anywhere and just easy – easy to get along with. She’s slowing down now but she used to be a very, very active dog.”

April 25, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“He’s just the love of my life. Just such a fun dog. He’s always with me. Loves to help me. On the farm – he taught himself how to bring the horses in. I go feed them in the evening, shake their bucket and he’ll actually run out and around them and bring them all back into the paddock.

We have had so much fun competing in agility. That’s his favourite thing – he loves it. Gets so excited.

He loves to hang around the farm. He has a job with his human dad every Saturday. They take the garbage to the dump and Aiden gets crazy excited to go in the truck and ride with his dad. He knows when it’s time – he’ll leave me to go with Bruce. That’s their guy thing. I think that’s how they bonded because Aiden was three years old when he came to live with me and he was a bit scared of strangers. So, when he first met Bruce it was very, very iffy. He was kind of nipping at Bruce and it just wasn’t looking good. Unfortunately I was going to have to be out for an entire day. I asked if Bruce wanted me to put him in his kennel, but he said, ‘no, no. we’ll bond.’ That’s actually how they bonded – going to the dump.

He was named Aiden because it’s an Irish name and he was born on St. Patrick’s Day.”

April 24, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“He’s a nice, trustworthy horse. He’s the one that I often ride out by myself. Just because he’s calm and really nice. Although he didn’t look so calm running around the field tonight for his picture.

He came all the way from Arizona to live with us. Our friend was down there roping and just hanging out for the winter. He sees all the horses down there and knew we wanted a horse that could be a roping horse for my husband and just a calm family horse. So he hand-picked Joker and Joker came back to live here. We got a surprise when we got Joker’s registration papers because he’s actually registered as a palomino. When he was a baby he was a palomino but he’s greyed out every year and although he’s only 14, now he’s pretty much white.”
Joker aka The White One

April 23, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“He likes belly buttons – loves to lick them. He’s a weirdo. He used to take my shoes to his bed and lie down with them. Underwear too. We put him on that dog shaming website with a sign that said – I eat dirty underwear.

Dexter’s like a California boy with too much money, satellite parents, a bad hairdo and four popped collars. Anytime the attention’s not on him, he’ll nip at Brutus and get really mad at him. The spotlight needs to be on him.”
Dexter aka Dex, D

April 22, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Noodle is a very high maintenance cat because he just wants constant attention from the minute he wakes up in the morning until night time. He’s just always there and he’d just be happiest being carried around constantly. I pick him up and he just mushes into my body and hangs there. Sometimes I’ll just for fun take my hands away and he’s still hanging, draped over my shoulder. So he just loves to love and cuddle. In the evenings I’m barely even sitting down before he’s jumping on my lap trying to get in for a snuggle.

He loves everyone he meets. He has some special people friends. When they come visit him, he’ll actually reach out and put his paws around them. He knows kiss. I’ll say to him ‘give me a kiss’ and he’ll go mwa and kiss me.”

April 21, 2016


“If you hide under a blanket and yell ‘Brutus, help me!’ he’ll dig for you. So, he’s a good rescue dog – in a bed, when you’re suffocating under your own blankets. He’s very affectionate – a very big cuddle-boy. He likes to have all the attention on him all the time. He likes to boss big dogs around, likes water and playing ball.

Brutus has the best personality and if you have your foot out he’ll stand against it and likes to be rubbed. He has almost no teeth. He’s a good boy.”
Brutus aka Brew, Brutus-who-has-a-stinky-pootis, Brewtie, B