June 29, 2016 Ziggy


“I should have called him Houdini because he escaped the first week I got him! I’m his third home – no wonder he’s got anxiety. It was so bad that he would chew through kennels, drywall and make a mess of the house. Dog medication didn’t work so my vet resorted to people Prozac and it seems to take the edge off, that and aging. He is now 12 years old. There’s something So graceful about a senior dog.

He started life as a puppy abandoned on the side of the highway and was found on Christmas Day by a gentleman who dropped him off at Heaven Can Wait animal rescue in High River. That’s where I adopted him when he was a year and a half. He was adopted out right away but had two homes that didn’t work out. He kept escaping. When I got Ziggy, he came with the name Nemo and that lasted about two seconds with me.

Ziggy’s not the kind of dog that can go to the dog park but he does make friends when he’s introduced slowly. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t happy that we’ve had several Chihuahuas come through as fosters.  And I’m sure he’s not happy sharing his house with 3 cats and 2 other dogs but he makes the best of it by showing them he’s still the boss…. until my Siamese cat walks in the room!

Zig gets around okay considering he’s got arthritis, is losing his sight and has a brand new knee that cost mommy a fortune. Thank goodness there’s a people and pet food bank! No it hasn’t gone to that point, but we’re all on a budget! Lol  I don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us but I want him to feel loved and spoiled and even though he’s an old dog, he can still have new experiences. No tricks because I don’t let him do anything other than lie in his luxurious orthopaedic bed and jump up to bark at people and dogs that dare to walk in front of our house when Ziggy is on guard.”
Ziggy aka Zig, Zigster, Zigmeister, Zig zag

June 28, 2016 Sheldon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf he looks familiar to you, it’s because Sheldon was featured on May 13th when his love of toilet paper was documented. Some dogs are lucky and he was definitely one of them. He lucked out with his family for the final years of his life. Sheldon had a heart condition and passed away this week. But those last years were ones of being a treasured member of the family and, well, spoiled. He had great beagle friends and I’ll never forget his flying nun ears and love of attention. Sit on the couch and Sheldon was up beside you, nudging if you ‘forgot’ to give him some cuddles and pets. He will be missed.

Rest in Peace Sheldon aka Shelly-Belly, Smelldon, Shell-Bell, Shellfish, God-dam-it-sheldon

June 27, 2016 Bunson


“He wasn’t supposed to even live to a year old. He was having respiratory and heart issues. They thought he had a birth defect, something in his spine. I took him to my vet chiropractor and she gave him one adjustment and said he was abnormal in his neck. The adjustment allowed the fluid to drain and he’s never had an issue since. He’s four years old now. A little miracle kitty.

Very shy from the get-go. A beautiful cat. He likes to play but you’d never guess that he’d like to play. If you give him a bum-rub he flips over for a bit of a belly rub. Then he starts to play bite you like a dog does. Loves sleeping with Tigger – that’s his boyfriend. Really, really cute.”
Bunson aka Bunny

June 26, 2016 Petunia


“I’m fostering her. I’ve had her since December. She has some medical issues and when people see this they decide not to adopt her. Which I’m perfectly okay with because I get to keep her longer.

She’s the boss – Corona used to be but not anymore. When she’s hungry she stands by the food bin and growls and howls. Comes to see you and makes the same noises then runs back to the bin. She’s always hungry.

She likes to go roll in all the stickies from the trees outside – especially after she’s had a bath. Then you have to cut them all out. She likes to shred sticks, so she doesn’t really need toys.

I have her in agility and she picks it up really fast. If there’s a treat to target, say at the end of the tunnel, and she sees it before going in, she’ll run around the tunnel to get it. She’s smart. She’s great with everyone.

I’m not allowed in the grooming room when she gets groomed because she cries for me. If I walk out, she’ll throw a fit for like five minutes. She just wants to be with me.”
Petunia aka P, The Rock Star

June 25, 2016 Tigger

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“He is an extremely laid back cat. I call him the peacemaker of the group. So if a cat is cranky or in conflict, they can swat at him or hiss at him and he’s like, ‘whatever.’

He makes friends with everybody and loves to cuddle with other cats. Loves to lay upside down in the sun. In fact, is always laying upside down in the sun.

He yields to every other cat and is afraid of nothing. He has a non-stop purr. He’s everybody’s boyfriend, whether they’re boys or girls. Just everybody’s friend.”
Tigger aka Tiggie

June 24, 2016 Oliver

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“He’s a pretty relaxed frenchie. Not crazy by any means but he does get the ‘sillies’ every once in a while. He’ll play bow to nobody in particular then spin and spin.

I don’t know the whole story about his history just that he was abused. He’s missing his eye and yes, his tongue sticks out all the time. I got him through a rescue group that had had him for a couple years. He wasn’t super adoptable because he was a pack dog and didn’t like people very much. He really shied away from them. When I met him he got along really well with my dog at the time, Mallory, and Abby. So I gave him a try. It worked out well.

He’s great. He’s happy with a comfy place to sleep. He’s pretty special – really sweet. He’s come a long way with his socialization with people.”
Oliver aka Ollie

June 23, 2016 Kash

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“She doesn’t like to go outside when it’s windy, or raining…or any type of bad weather. Anything but fair weather and she’s totally against going outside.

She’s a new addition – we’ve only had her for about six months. Kash is crazy. She’s still a puppy for sure. She does anything she wants. Pretty much does her own thing. She likes to chew up toys – not completely destroy them but close – and play with Oliver. They’re best buds.

Her shoulders are really wide, so she’s kind of like a tank. She’s good around people. Was a little bit nervous when I first got her but is getting better all the time.”

June 22, 2016 Corona


“When we go to the lake he likes to walk in and lay with his butt in the air like downward dog in yoga and try to drink the entire body of water. He never tries to swim just stands there.

If his back is itchy, he’ll find a carpet and roll over and sway from side to side, or he’ll walk under a chair to scratch it. I like to watch him run because then his ears flap like Batman. He’s got big hound dog ears so they fly in the wind.

I’ve had him since he was a puppy – he stayed in a little basket with my sweater with me at work. He’s great with other dogs and people. Likes to bark at people who come in the house, well, likes to bark, but that’s the beagle in him. He let’s me know when anything is happening – even things I don’t care about.

He’s a pig – loves to eat. He loves to play fetch and with the rope. He’s eight now, so is pretty laid back and likes to lounge. If he’s sitting with me, he doesn’t want anybody else to sit with me because I’m his. He’s a mama’s boy.”
Corona aka Rony, Rona

June 21, 2016 Rumer


“I read an article recently that said dogs don’t like to be hugged. And then there’s Rumer! For the last seven years I’ve been telling people that Rumer likes it best when you have her in a headlock – haha! The closer she is to someone the happier she is. She’s my 50lb lapdog.

She’s not much of a barker. Somewhere along the way she learned how to “swipe” as her method of communication. She wants water, she swipes the wall with her front foot by the water bowl, she wants to go outside, she swipes by the door. She goes to a dog sitters every day and I noticed that she was swiping a lot right when we would get home. She didn’t need water or to go outside, turns out she was swiping because she wanted to cuddle! As soon as I’d sit on the couch the swiping stopped and she’d jump up beside me and settle in for a quick cuddle session.

She loves to get awkwardly close to your face – she’s leaning in for you to kiss her. And trust me, she’ll stare you down until you give her one. Then she will gently reciprocate by wrapping her lips around your nose.”
Rumer aka Rum, Rummy Bum, Rum Ball, Bum Bum, Weirds, Monkey… and yes, she answers to them all

June 20, 2016 Scratchy


“He came as a feral barn cat. He wasn’t handleable AT ALL. Even if you offered him wet food, he would attack you. The vet had to vaccinate him through the wires of a kennel. We kept him in a large kennel area so we could get him used to living with people. We’re on an acreage so we didn’t want him to just run away. It took about a year or 14 months for anyone to actually be able to pet him. Never mind anything more. And only certain people could pet him. We just kept working with him. Eventually we let him out to be an outdoor cat.

We learned he’s not very intelligent when it comes to dogs. There are coyotes around here and dogs that we board that don’t necessarily like cats, but he would go into puppy classes and just watch. He’d approach any dog. For his safety we decided he should be indoors and outdoors.

Picking him up was still impossible. But I was determined, so I started picking him up so his legs were far away from me. I’d hold him under his armpits and scratch behind his neck. It didn’t take long, he would literally start to relax, fall asleep, let his shoulders relax so much that I was almost dropping him. Then I started to cradle him like a baby. Now I can toss him up in the air and catch him like you do with a baby. It’s just mind-blowing how far some feral animals can come over time.”
Scratchy aka Scratchington, Mr. Scratch, Scwatchy