July 31, 2016 Logan


“He’s a really shy and reserved, humble dog.

He was three when I got him and was a rescue from the 2013 floods. He was found on Siksika Nation in pretty bad condition apparently. They nursed him back to health and I was looking for another dog. Specifically an older dog, black because they’re harder to adopt out. I saw his picture on the Oops A Daisy website and he was hiding underneath an end table because he was scared of the vacuum. That just got me.

He’s very calm and will sit with his legs crossed which I just love. He can get goofy when playing with Sawyer – that’s when he comes out of his shell quite a bit. It’s funny when he’s wrestling with Sawyer because he’s actually a bit more dominant.

I don’t think he’d ever had a toy in his life so he didn’t understand what a toy was when I got him. But Logan has found that he likes balls, so occasionally he’ll play with a ball.

He’s just sweet. He loves people – despite everything he’s been through he just loves people.”

July 30, 2016 Copper


“She’s got the cutest little mew. Doesn’t love being picked up, but loves being scratched on the head. She’ll come to sun herself once in a while. She’s very, very old and her vision is going. She’s got some soreness in her hips but she responds to chiropractic really, really well.

She mostly now is just sleeping a lot. She’ll come out and do her little mew and lay on the carpet in the sun. Then when the people come she’ll run away. But then she’ll surprise us. We think she’s super shy, but then all of a sudden we’ll see her interacting with clients. She’s just a sweet little kitty.”

July 29, 2016 Sleven


“She’s my barking cat so we didn’t really train her much. She doesn’t bite people and that’s really what we asked for. Her sneezes are hilarious because she’ll bounce her face off the floor. She actually leaves little nose prints. She’s quite girlie but she hunts for puddles too so as much as she’s all prim and proper – not when you go to the park.

She’s about 10 now. I got her when my husband and I were going through a really rough time – our house had burnt down. We thought we needed some good luck, so lucky number Sleven came into our lives. She was named after a character in a movie but then we found out the character’s last name means bad dog. I was like ‘oh, no’. But she’s good.

She grew up with a cat and they’re best buddies. They play fight all the time. That’s the reason she doesn’t have top knots – the cat will take hold of the bow and pull it out. She’s very good at killing toys even though she just had ten front teeth removed. We tried to take her swimming once but she sank like a rock so we don’t do that any more.

My mom got really sick in 2009 so Sleven and I drove back to Saskatchewan every weekend for six months. Before that she was car sick, but that seemed to break her of it. Sleven was unbelievable at that time. A huge comfort to me – and my mom too. They let her go into the hospital to visit and my mom really fell in love with her. She’s pretty special to me for that. It’s like she knew I needed that extra little help.”
Sleven aka Baby, Girlie

July 28, 2016 Jackie


“She’s all business. She’s warming up a little bit now – she’ll come in and let me love on her a bit. But she’s more about going to work – don’t kiss me, let’s just go to work. And let’s get it done at a high rate of speed.

She’s cool. She’s a superstar. We got her last year. She’s a 15 year old mare. She has done everything in her path. She’s a finished bridle horse which means she’s done working cow horse. She can do everything one-handed. She’s been roped on. She’s run the pattern on barrels.

She is just a Ferrari. There’s tears in your eyes when you’re riding this mare. She’s just fast – but safe. Nothing gets past Jackie. She’s amazing. Just super fun to ride.”
Jackie aka Jack-Attack

July 27, 2016 Chanel


“I don’t know what happened with her, but she’s a bucking machine. Holy crap! She bucks better than some of the horses at the Stampede I’m sure. She’s a total spaz.

I got her from Vancouver Island – had her shipped out. Alissa started her and didn’t enjoy the bucking part so we sent her to our other trainer. He sent her home after two months and wasn’t overly impressed with her. I know that because of her blood lines, they are very slow to mature. So she’s five now and we decided we would breed her. Bring her back next year and see what she’s like after she’s settled in.

And you know what, on the ground she is lovely – until you put a saddle on. Great ground manners, pleasant, likes loves. But the minute you put that saddle on it’s like a different animal. So I don’t know what happened before we got her. We treated her for ulcers, we chiropractic-ed her, we covered all the bases to see if something was wrong physically. Nope – she just bucks! She’s kind of an ongoing project. It’s not like we don’t have the room or the grass so we’ll give her some time.

She is the best baby sitter. She took on Sienna when she got weened. They’re best buddies. We put her out with all the yearlings and young horses and she’s awesome in the herd. Not overly mean, but doesn’t take any crap. She’s just a great herd boss. She’s lovely that way.

She’s really good at hanging out – just like me! Maybe that’s why I love her, she’s just like me.”
Chanel aka Neal

July 26, 2016 Lena


“When we bought her she was crazy, absolutely crazy. Not very broke. But I liked her because she walked fast, trotted fast. She’s my mare. Had her coming on seven years I guess. It took us about a year to actually get her kind of broke. She’s super fast and awesome on a cow. Alissa actually rode her and made it to the high school provincial rodeo finals in cutting on her.

She’s now had two years off. She had Sienna last year and Sawyer this year. We’ll probably start riding her next spring. Put her back into action. I’m looking forward to that.

She’s an awesome mom but kind of a bag in the herd. Anybody that needs a butt kicking or is a little too big for their britches and needs to be put in their place, we have them live with Lena. She rules with an iron fist and straightens them out.”
Lena aka Lovie

July 25, 2016 Daisy


“She’s like my lead steer, except she’s a dairy cow. She’s very bossy, super bossy. Pushes the other cows around. Even when we’re working her on our horses, if we’re in the wrong spot, she just stands there and looks at us like, ‘get it right!’

She’s an ex-Hutterite. They made a mistake with her – they usually only sell males and keep the heifers but we got her. She didn’t have a name until she came to our house.

We brought in four yard cows. Yard cows are young cows that needed extra care or were orphans so raised in the farmyard. That’s why they’re a little more friendly – more used to being around people. We use them to work our horses.

They’ve gained a ton of weight since coming here – they were fairly skinny. We can fatten anything up on our farm!”

July 24, 2016 Oakley


“We went and looked and there were about 20 two-year-olds in the pen and we picked him. The owner laughed because he said, ‘That was the wildest one. We actually had to rope him to bring him in and then he had to live in a stall for two weeks he was so wild.’ It’s hard to tell now – he’s wonderful. He’s a lover-boy. Just awesome.

My daughter Alissa got him as her grad present. Oakley went away to University with Alissa. I was very sad he went. I was okay with Alissa going!

He’s the nicest gelding. Big, powerful. He’s got tons of potential. She’s super proud of him because she started and did all the work with him. She’s winning on him – took him to Stampede this year. He’s just a gem – doesn’t look so wild now.

He likes to play. He’s just a dork – I went out one day and he had taken the halter and lead that was hanging on the fence and draped it over his ear. He was just walking around with it hanging down from his ear. Didn’t shake it off. Just carried it around like ‘where are we going.’ He’ll pull the hat right off Alissa’s head. Just a goof. He’s kind, personable, loving. He’s just a joy to be around. Just so easy. And he tries so hard.”
Oakley aka Smokely, Pokely, Dude

July 23, 2016 Iris


“She follows you if you’re getting coffee or tea – expecting to get some cream. My mom started that. Giving her a tiny dollop of cream every day.

She showed up at my mother’s bird feeder when she was very young. We discovered she lived next door with a university student in a bedroom of the house. She’d had five kittens so he was in a bedroom with a mom and five kittens. My mother convinced him to give us the mom and four kittens.

My mom had them for many years then she passed away and her husband took them all to the humane society but didn’t tell me. I was supposed to get them all – he asked me to so it was the strangest thing. My daughter was in a youth program at the humane society and I was early picking her up one day. And I felt the strongest pull to go through the cat area and my gosh, there she was. I had to adopt her as my own cat – the othesr were put to sleep unfortunately because they were so scared in the shelter they couldn’t be handled. But I brought Iris home.

She’s 16 now – very needy. A princess actually. She’s a heat seeking princess and has to be with you all the time. She’d love it if you carried her in a baby sling all the time. She’s very sweet and, um, simple.. She’s very friendly and will go up to a complete stranger and introduce herself. Isn’t very fond of other cats – tolerates them. She is still really playful – loves little balls and toy mice. Goes crazy for them.

She loves small places and jumped into a drawer one day without me seeing her. I thought the drawer wouldn’t close because some socks were in the back or something. I jiggled it and shoved it closed. Later I couldn’t find her. Searched and searched and then thought about the drawer. She was in there – made a nest. She didn’t make a peep even though her tail was jammed in the drawer. I felt awful but it wasn’t broken or anything.”

July 22, 2016 Gabby


“She’s in-your-face friendly. Too needy, which can be a bit of a pain in the butt.

She’s Alissa’s two-year-old. Kind of a pocket pony. She’ll start riding her regularly, probably in December. She’s a lovely, well-bred horse. We’re quite excited about her and her potential as a cow horse.

She’s so needy and friendly she’ll push her way in when you’re working with other horses. She gets in the way and we have to be pushier than she is to get her out of the way. She’s very clingy-needy. It’s great for horses to be friendly but sometimes that starts working against them. But she’s so lovable. We do love her. Everyone does.”
Gabby aka Goob