September 29, 2016 Jasper


“She’s got a bit of attitude. Everything she does makes us laugh. She’s just a hoot. Very opinionated. Her owner had her for 15 years. Absolutely loved the bird and her father loved the bird too. A family member developed allergies and other medical issues. They had to surrender her and a cockatiel. It took a huge emotional toll on the family to give them up.

Jasper was adopted then returned after almost a year when the owners were divorced. In hindsight we are so happy she got adopted when she did. It was about a month before our house fire and that probably saved her.

She liked me a lot when she first came back. I thought we had a really good thing going then one day I asked her to step up and she said ‘nu uh, we don’t have a good thing going.’ She flew over to Steve and was like, ‘hi there, where have you been all my life?’ Steve got bit by her once and then after that it was a perfect relationship. He can hold her on his palm or like a baby upside down and pet her. She’ll hang upside down.

We have six African grey parrots right now. If the right person comes along we will adopt her out. They’re going to have to be able to put up with her antics though. She’s not like the other greys. She hates phones of any kind – she’ll rip them apart. She doesn’t like computers – the cords. She bites at the cords and if you try to take her away she’ll go after you. She’s constantly on the counters. She’s really unique this one.”

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