October 10, 2016 Hugo


“He’s a really good singer. Just ask him to and he will sing. He’s six years old. He’s peculiar that’s for sure. Thinks he’s a person. Sits on the couch and tries to eat people food.

He was a terror when he was a puppy. Ruined every rental I ever lived in. He was good after the first year but the first year was pretty bad. The house where I was living was owned by the guy I was apprenticing with and he had those rubber baseboards. Hugo tore the baseboard off. In my friend’s house, he’s eaten the venetian blinds as high up as he could go. He would just eat anything that first year.

He’s just always happy. Extremely happy whenever I come home. He likes coming on bike rides. Likes doing everything that I want to do. Pretty much everything that I’ve done that’s active, he has done too. He’s a good little pal – hanging around for the last six years.

He’s not a swimmer. Hugo does not like to get wet. Doesn’t really like to go out in the rain. Everything he does makes me laugh – he’s the best.”
Hugo aka Brown Cow

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