October 18, 2016 Jade


“She’s a quirky little dog. She’s only been with me for about a week now. She was my sister’s dog. I remember when she first got her. She was a puppy and she was, like, the size of your palm. I couldn’t believe that she was almost two months old, she looked like a kitten. She would just crawl around, got along with all the cats. Played like a cat. She’ll pounce like a cat.

She is really protective of the house. Likes to chase new people. It takes her a while to warm up to them – as you probably noticed. She gets shaky and nervous if there are too many people around. She goes and barks at something and Hugo is like ‘arooo’.

They get along really great. She’s a bit timid around him. I don’t think she’s spent a lot of time around dogs her whole life so she’s getting socialized right now. She’s doing really good.

She can dance. My nephew taught her some tricks. Jade, dance, dance…she’s a little better at it when you have food.”

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