October 6, 2016 Daisy


“We can hold her and she’s fluffy – HE’s fluffy. We thought she was a girl when we got her, well we thought HE was a girl. And later we found out he was a boy. We just kept his name. We got his name from Bambi. Thumper’s sister.

We give her treats and cuddle her sometimes. We usually just pet her. She’s really fluffy! She’s a lion head. When we hold her she – HE gets fluff all over you. We’ve had him five years and he’s five years old. We got her when she was a baby. He used to be little. He was a surprise, a present – I thought he was a suitcase, but he’s better than a suitcase.

She doesn’t know any tricks but likes vegetables. And strawberries. We like strawberries too and share them with her. He has a little white paw and the rest is brown. You can feed him treats off your hand which I like because it kind of tickles your hand.

People don’t always know he’s a bunny – they thought he was a dog one time. Because he’s so hairy.

He doesn’t like to go on the hard floor. I don’t think she’s ever gone on the hard floor – HE’s ever gone on the hard floor. I like how bunnies noses twitch all the time.”
Daisy aka Daze

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