November 10, 2016 Maggie


“She likes to play with a slinky. We pull it and he tries to get it. He pushes it around. He finishes his food very quickly.

He’s also a boy. The pet store told us he was a girl, but he’s a boy. Mommy figured it out. She – HE – sheds more than Daisy does. He loves fruits and vegetables too – like Daisy.

He always sits in a position where he looks like a duck. He’ll tuck his legs and arms in and he looks like a duck on the water. He does not like being held but she he likes to be petted all the time.

His ears are mostly down but sometimes they go up. He also likes to eat treats off your hand and it tickles.

I like that we can pet her and he doesn’t run away or hide. She used to like – HE used to like to be picked up but not anymore.

Maggie’s three – we’ve had him for three years. She goes on the hard floor…HE goes on the hard floor. Isn’t scared of it. I like his two black eyes and the black spots.”
Maggie aka Meatball

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