November 16, 2016 Keiki


“Her name means little one- it’s Hawaiian. She’s stubborn. She’s cute. She gets a lot of attention for whatever reason. I’m not sure. She’s an odd mix, a French bulldog, Boston terrier, probably something else. But people kind of take to her.

She doesn’t like other dogs anymore. I mean, she prefers the company of people, she’s not aggressive. Just has no interest. She used to when she was little, but now she’s just, people, people, people. And ball, and frisbee, and sticks and bones.

Her ability to catch is pretty amazing – up in the air. She can jump incredibly high – almost to your shoulder, if not above. That always brings a smile to my face. Her ability to find a blanket or towel anywhere in the house, crawl into it and make a bed. So I’ll come around the corner and she’s just underneath it, curled up. That always cracks me up.

She is stubborn. But it’s probably more me. I probably project too much emotion on animals. It’s not really her, it’s me. Either my heart breaks if we have to leave her if we’re going on holidays, or if she’s at home longer than I wish she was home alone. So it’s probably my issue – nothing to do with her. She’s fine with it – it’s me!

I do like her personality and that she’s sporty. She likes to play. For her size, she’s smaller but she still loves to swim, play frisbee, play catch, run. She’s never disinterested in playing.”
Keiki aka TT

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