November 18, 2016 Mowgli


“I don’t think I’ve had a dog like him before – he will show you his emotions. Super emotional. Like if he’s mad at you, he’ll sit on the couch and turn his back to you. Then he’ll look over his shoulder at you – like, can you tell I’m mad? His ears are the most perfect expression of any dog I’ve ever met.

He’s a rescue from Mexico. Found in a garbage dump with four other dogs. They were all tied up so they weren’t doing that good. But they were able to save them all and ship them up to Canada. We got him at 5 months.

He’s absolutely a delight. He’s really funny. He just likes to chew on people that he likes. Not angrily or hard, he just likes to hold your hand in his mouth. I think it’s really odd and I’m trying to curb it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Digging is his favourite as well. Digging and running.

He’s super unique and gets me out of the house a lot which is good. He has his rolled up pillow on his bed and every morning he’ll pick it up, bring it onto my bed and put it on my face. So that’s what I wake up to every morning.

He goes to the park every day because he’s just too energetic. But he doesn’t chew on anything, except my pens. Every once in a while he’ll find a marker and destroy it. But nothing else, which is fine by me.

He can get pushy with other pups sometimes, that’s the only challenging thing. If he wants them to play and they don’t he’ll bark in their face, so we’re working on not yelling at others.

I think he’s pretty great. He makes me smile. Makes me happy just because he’s happy all the time. I wish I loved running as much as he does. Rescue dogs are the best. He’s my favourite. I’ll take him over any human any day.”
Mowgli aka Pumpkin, Weirdo, Yogi Bear

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