November 20, 2016 Finnigan


“If he’s in trouble we call him Finnigan Rigby, if he’s being adorable we call him Finn Bear. We got him from the SPCA at 7 weeks. He was from a litter of what looked like chihuahuas, but he didn’t look like one. We just fell in love with him. We didn’t know what kind of dog he was or how big he’d get. We had no idea.

He always thinks he’s much bigger than he is so he always seeks out big dogs to play with. Then when they get on top of him, he cries, realizes how little he is. He’s a real ham.

I’m currently finishing grad school and when I’m working at my computer he’ll sit and put his paw on my face. He just wants to touch me. Makes me laugh and makes me cry- it’s so sweet. He will go up to dogs in the park and play bow, butt up in the air. He’s generally ridiculous.

Getting a 7 week old puppy was challenging – because his bladder could only hold an hour and a half of pee at a time. He’s very vocal now so we’re trying to train him for that. He’ll run up to people and dogs and bark, and really just wants to play with everyone, but it can be scary for people.

He’s very lovey. Wants to play with everyone – he’s pretty fearless. Which is good and bad. I think he’d try to play with a coyote if he saw one. He thinks everything is to play with. We had a cat when we got him so he thinks cats are up for playing. He also sleeps on his back with his paws up in the air – kind of a superman pose.

He’s really cuddly but also really athletic. So we can take him to mountains and he can keep up or we can cuddle. We just feel really lucky that we got to adopt him. He’s a good pup and he’s also really happy. I feel lucky that we got to rescue a pup that was so young and we could train him. And he didn’t have any real behavioural stuff. I’m grateful to have him.”
Finnigan aka Finnigan Rigby Rathenbone, Finn Bear, Turkey, I call him lots of things

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