November 23, 2016 Jessie


“She loves kitties. She’s got a boy and girl kitty that she plays with all the time. She’s very gentle with them. She doesn’t think much of other people’s cats but she loves her own. The one cat kisses her every morning and she kisses her back. It’s like, come on you guys, get a room! When she plays with dogs she plays like the cats do, because she plays so much with the cats.

She’s a purebred border collie. She’s a little crazy. Too smart for her own good – too smart for us.

When she gets crazy, sometimes she’ll just get it in her head to run from one end of the house to the other and back again. We have hardwood floors so it’s just legs going everywhere. Like deer on ice.

She’s 18 months old. Her intelligence is the most challenging. It’s very hard to get her to understand that we’re the leaders of her pack not the other way around. It’s a learning curve with us and with her, but she’s doing really well. People are shocked who good she is for her age.

She’s a moocher at the dog park – big time. She can find the people with food like nothing.

She just brings so much happiness. She really does. Her unconditional love. She’s the best dog we’ve ever known and she’s amazing. She’s got a ways to go yet but we expect big things from her.”
Jessie aka ADD, Jessie Lynn,

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