November 25, 2016 Adie


“She can be very stubborn, in the sense of not going outside or not doing something I want her to do. We’ll be upstairs and I’ll tell her ‘let’s go outside’ – instead of going outside she’ll run downstairs and into the basement and go into her kennel. Then she won’t come out. That’s how stubborn she can be. I have to close the door to the basement before I try to get her to go out. Basically Adie does everything on Adie time.

I got her as a puppy when she was eight weeks old. She was a little adorable fluff ball. And she is a princess. She wants to sleep on the bed all the time. I have to wake her up to take her outside, she won’t wake me up to go. If it was up to her she probably wouldn’t go outside all day. I have to force her to go.

She doesn’t like wet grass but she loves playing in the snow. Loves to chase Milly around in the backyard but doesn’t like wet things touching her feet. She’s a very, very slow walker because she has to smell everything and pee on everything like a boy dog.

She loves kids. If we go out for a walk and she sees kids, she’ll top and bark to say hello. She barks because my dad gets her to do this ‘a-roo-roo’ bark to say hi to him.

My favourite things are how cuddly she is and her personality. She’s just so chill. If Moose and Milly are barking at somebody at the door, she’ll just be laying over there. She just doesn’t care. She’s so good and sweet. And she’s always there. I can cuddle with her if I’m upset and she’ll just kind of chill there with me.

She’s the one that plays with toys the most. Balls are her favourite toy – she loves them. Just pull a ball out and she’ll go crazy until you throw it. But she doesn’t bring it back to you. You have to go get it. And then throw it again.

But she’s super cuddly. You can pick her up and flop her onto her back and pet her. She just flops there like a little doll. She’s very sweet. I like her a lot. I’m very attached to her obviously.”
Adie aka Adie Ray

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