December 8, 2016 Milly


“A chihuahua/dachshund cross and she’s the boss for sure. She’s adopted from the Cochrane Humane Society when she was six months old. She came into the shelter with two brothers. We knew she was going to be a foster failure as soon as we brought her home.

Her and Adie get along really well. She runs the house. She barks a lot unfortunately. She’s very protective of me and now more protective of us. Now that I have a baby. She likes any toys that Adie’s playing with! Most of the time she gets Adie to chase her around the backyard – she’s younger so has more energy.

She wants attention all the time, from anybody, and she uses her cuteness to her advantage. To get away with things. She loves kids.

Milly won’t chill with me. She’ll lay there for a second and if I don’t pet her, then she’ll get closer and closer to me – to my face. Or she’ll lick your ears. Some people don’t like that. I don’t really like it either, it’s just funny.”
Milly aka MillyMoo, MillyVanilly, Milly May

December 4, 2016 Sabin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“He’s a drama queen. He meows all the time for attention. The dogs like to chase him because he acts like a drama queen. Our old cat used to play with Milly, but Sabin will run away so they like to chase.

He’s about 12 years old, Dustin’s cat. I inherited him when we got married. We used to have his sister too, and the mom cat was a little bit messed in the head. And so, well he never used to clean himself. Our other cat used to clean him.

Since he ran away and survived for three weeks in the wilderness – which is crazy, we didn’t think that would happen because we lived by Stony Trail. I have no idea how he survived to be honest. He never used to like people so I don’t know how somebody caught him and took him to the Calgary Humane Society. But since he ran away, he’s been different. He puts up with the dogs a lot better. He won’t play with them still but puts up with them. And now he’s way more friendly and wants attention from people all the time.”