November 3, 2016 Cinderella


“I got her on my ninth birthday – two months and three days ago. Her name was Bailey until I changed it to Cinderella. I picked her name because when we were at the pet store I saw Cinderella’s castle, so then I changed it. We don’t know if it’s for sure a girl. They didn’t say when my cousin bought it for me.

It’s a beta fish. We’re trying to teach her to eat off our hands. That’s all we’ve tried to teach her yet.

I like the way her tail looks when she moves through the water and how her fins are always moving. When we drop the food in she dives to the top to grab it and it’s cool when she does that. I like that she’s my own pet. Mom cleans the tank but I feed her every day.

Her, Daisy and Chewie all have Disney names. Except Maggie – I called her Maggie because of the Simpsons.

Cinderella is very pretty. Sometimes when she’s in the sun, she looks like different colours. She’s turquoise and purple and red, blue, green. She’s a lot of different colours.”

October 30, 2016 Stella


(2/2) “When you rub her belly, you can rub the top, but you’ve gotta go low. She’ll actually push your hand down so you do it right.

She stopped growing when she was nine months old, so she’s pretty much like a puppy forever. She’s cute. She’s an awesome dog – a great snuggler.

She snorts like a pig. She’ll come up and just grumble at you. Sometimes she’ll just stare at you and let out a long, long, snort. Usually if she wants something she’ll just stare at you and groan. She doesn’t bark or bay, which is good. We’re really happy about that. People had warned us about that with beagles. Unless there’s a crow and then, well, they’re evil I guess.

Her snuggles are epic. I love how her tail sticks straight up in the air and has that little white tip on the end – it’s adorable.

If other people are home when I come home, then she’s happy to see me. She’ll run up to me. But if I’m the only one, she’ll just like look at me and go back to sleep. It’s weird.

There’s a squirrel in the back yard that sits at the bottom of the tree, just out of Stella’s reach. He knows exactly how far her leash can go. Just stares at her and watches her torment. One of these days, she may get free but I don’t know if she knows what to do if she actually catches anything.

She’s great with kids. Goes up to bed with our daughter Londyn every night when we say it’s story time. Gets in her bed and then snores.”
Stella aka Grumbles, Snort, PIgDog, Flub, StellaBoo, Stellar…yeah, she’s probably confused.

October 28, 2016 Stella


(1/2) “She’s funny. Every day she steals my socks. Sometimes when there’s carpet, she like slides on it – I think that looks funny. The carpets scratch her belly. She’s kind of like my wake up alarm because in the morning, every morning, when it’s time to wake up she always goes into my room and scratches on those mats and that wakes me up.

Her snuggles are my favourite. I’m kind of sad, me and my friend Lily got to hold her when she was little but now that she’s bigger I can’t lift her – she’s too heavy.

She likes to play chase with me. When she has a sock in her mouth or something and I try to get the sock. When she’s on the couch I jump for her.

She likes to play with my abacus. She starts moving it with her nose. I gave her my abacus, but I still put designs on it. She doesn’t like all the pieces to be all on one side. She likes them spread apart – then she can get her nose between them and push them around. It’s funny.

She’s the greatest dog ever! I like when she cuddles me every single night. And when she was a puppy I didn’t like her coming up onto my bed because she’d go to the bathroom on it. She would go so excited that she’d do it. She doesn’t do that anymore. She just hops up and dances around on my bed, curls up and goes to sleep on my legs.

I love her a lot. On a scale of one to ten, I’d probably not pick any of them, I’d pick a hundred. That’s what I would do.”
Stella aka Grumbles, Snort, PIgDog, Flub, StellaBoo, Stellar…yeah, she’s probably confused.

October 26, 2016 Dexter


“I call him Young Man when he’s not listening. I tell him ‘Young Man you have to be quiet now.’

He’s 8 years old and doesn’t know he’s a dog. He eats off a plate – sirloin steak, chicken, sweet potato with a dash of butter and a hard boiled egg. We don’t walk as much as we used to and now we’re both on a diet. He’s 112 lbs – it’s mainly muscle but covered by fat. Haha!

He’s obsessed with the cat. He’ll lay there forever now, and when I try to leave, no he wants the cat. Loves the cat. I gave an old girlfriend money to buy him for the kids and they went to a ball game out of state, he was nine months old, and I looked after him even though we had broken up. And then she didn’t want him back. So I got him. He likes for me to hold his paw when he sleeps.

I was diagnosed with a blood cancer so it was like he saved me. Because if it wasn’t for him, I’d just go to Oregon and put myself down. But I’ve got to be here for him and he’s perfect. That’s what kind of dog he is – perfect.”
Dexter aka Dex, Young Man

October 24, 2016 Hiccup


“I take her for a walk every day. Or she takes me. Not on a leash – we just walk. She used to be the ultimate scaredy cat. If you looked in the dictionary under scaredy cat, there was her picture. Now she’s not scared of nothing.

She does do sniffy noses with dogs. She’s figured out dogs are on leashes so when we’re out walking she lies down and makes them go around her. As long as the dogs don’t lunge at her and get yappy, they do sniffy noses. But she is a cat and if the dog goes around to sniff her backside, she’s not having that. My neighbour’s dog Dexter will sit there forever and he’s always looking at her.

If I go out I pay for it because as soon as I get home, it’s like the longer I was out, the longer her walk is gonna be. In the winter time, I’d better have my hat and gloves because we’re out for an hour and half. If it’s 20 degrees F out, she loves it.

She’s a great companion and yes, I’ve created a monster with this walking thing, but I don’t know any other cats that do this so, it’s cool. She’s one of a kind.

She was found on an air force base in Vegas on a July afternoon, curled up in a gutter as a kitten and they thought she was dead. They spent a bunch of money to bring her back and the family that had her had a child that was allergic. So I took her. As a companion for my cat Puppet. I thought she needed a buddy and wouldn’t you know it, they hated each other. When Puppet passed Hiccup became queen bee. She’s great cat.”
Hiccup aka Boo, Big Girl

October 22, 2016 Zeus



“I call him Jesus because I’m always calling him – Hey Zeus. He’s like a cat. When he wants something he meows, he doesn’t bark. Only when he wants to talk to you, then he barks. He cries when he sees dogs and people because he just loves them.

This girl was moving and couldn’t take him and was going to give him up to the pound. My boyfriend saw him thought ‘oh my God, he looks just identical to the dog I just lost.’ His name was Tank. And he wanted me to see this puppy. And I wasn’t sure. But when I came in I was like ‘oh my God, I’ve got to keep him!’ He’s identical to my last dog. Totally different personalities but identical in looks.

I love that he’s a cuddle bug and he doesn’t try to take food or anything. He’s really good and polite. You could put a chip in the corner or your mouth and he won’t grab it off you – he’s very gentle.

He doesn’t like to sit on concrete or the floor – he has to sit on the chair or the couch. Even out on the patio, he doesn’t sit on the grass or the concrete, he sits on the patio chair and just looks around. He’s a cat!”
Zeus aka Cuddlebug

October 18, 2016 Jade


“She’s a quirky little dog. She’s only been with me for about a week now. She was my sister’s dog. I remember when she first got her. She was a puppy and she was, like, the size of your palm. I couldn’t believe that she was almost two months old, she looked like a kitten. She would just crawl around, got along with all the cats. Played like a cat. She’ll pounce like a cat.

She is really protective of the house. Likes to chase new people. It takes her a while to warm up to them – as you probably noticed. She gets shaky and nervous if there are too many people around. She goes and barks at something and Hugo is like ‘arooo’.

They get along really great. She’s a bit timid around him. I don’t think she’s spent a lot of time around dogs her whole life so she’s getting socialized right now. She’s doing really good.

She can dance. My nephew taught her some tricks. Jade, dance, dance…she’s a little better at it when you have food.”

October 16, 2016 Tessa


“She loves it when the phone rings because she’ll start talking before you even answer. I can’t keep a straight face when I’m on the phone and she’s babbling in the background. It cracks me up. I can’t be serious when she’s around.

We’re not sure how old she is – 20 or 25 years. She came in last year from a family that I’m sure loved her but didn’t provide everything she needed. She was kept in her cage more often than not and was fearful of a lot of things.

Strangely enough, the fridge is her safe zone. We’ve tried putting her on different play stands and as soon as she gets on, within about two minutes she gets plucking at her feathers frantically. I don’t know why she gets so stressed. She started growing in her primary feathers and as soon as they got long enough to touch her tail feathers, she started pulling them out. We’ve seen a lot of plucking behaviours, but that’s the strangest thing ever.

She’s mostly attached to me. There’s some girls she kind of likes. She, technically, is available for adoption, but I’m having a hard time giving her up. I lost my African grey in the house fire and I see a lot of her in this bird. A lot of the traits and behaviours. So I have to disassociate myself more – I’m not doing a very good job. She’s just really special.

She sings a lot and picks up so fast when you have conversations. Her singing is my favourite thing. She’s learning ‘how much is that birdie in the window’. She has the first part of it down pretty good. She always comes up with something to say. I’ll be saying something and she’ll answer me. She’s pretty funny.

Out of all the birds in the house, she probably has the biggest vocabulary. Or a tie between her and Little Ricky. Just a really special girl.”

Tessa is a Birdline Canada bird.

October 11, 2016 Joey


“I keep treats in my pocket and when I go and do the laundry he comes down and picks up all the bits of treats that are falling out of the wash tub. And if they go through the dryer he picks up those bits too. He knows the click of the laundry and he’s there like a flash.

He’s enthusiastic, lovable and loves life. He comes running into our room, dives onto the bed and pushes all the covers off. Loves bedtime and throwing all the covers off.

He loves everybody – not a mean bone in his body. He’s high energy – totally incorrigible. He loves to play tug and he loves his walks. Is a great companion. He’s allowed to sleep on the bed and he lies right up against your back so you can’t move. He’s just got a goofy, loving personality.

He loves to meet other dogs and lays down on his tummy and wriggles along, like he’s saying – can you play, can you play? He outruns most dogs. I haven’t met a dog yet that can twist and turn as quick as he can.

He’s a great buddy. A two and a half year old cockapoo. He loves kids and has a special yip when he sees them. He has a special relationship with the kids next door at our cabin. They are ten year old twins. He ran into their yard one day and as families we’ve become really close – thanks to Joey. We’ve met lots of people through Joey. And when we’re up at Mara, when we walk around, people say ‘oh, is that Joey?’ Not ‘hi Jackie.’ Just ‘is that Joey?’”
Joey, aka Joe-Joe, Joe, NumbNuts

October 10, 2016 Hugo


“He’s a really good singer. Just ask him to and he will sing. He’s six years old. He’s peculiar that’s for sure. Thinks he’s a person. Sits on the couch and tries to eat people food.

He was a terror when he was a puppy. Ruined every rental I ever lived in. He was good after the first year but the first year was pretty bad. The house where I was living was owned by the guy I was apprenticing with and he had those rubber baseboards. Hugo tore the baseboard off. In my friend’s house, he’s eaten the venetian blinds as high up as he could go. He would just eat anything that first year.

He’s just always happy. Extremely happy whenever I come home. He likes coming on bike rides. Likes doing everything that I want to do. Pretty much everything that I’ve done that’s active, he has done too. He’s a good little pal – hanging around for the last six years.

He’s not a swimmer. Hugo does not like to get wet. Doesn’t really like to go out in the rain. Everything he does makes me laugh – he’s the best.”
Hugo aka Brown Cow